Injection molded products

Precision parts of thermoplastics are nowadays used in all areas of technology. Reasons for the constantly positive development of technological plastic parts are,next to the excellent chemical resistance,

  • the low specific weight
  • a high variety of shaping possibilities
  • the high achievable stability
  • many different possible characteristics
  • the physiological clearness of many thermoplastics
  • the excellent price performance ratio

Our delivery program focuses on the production of technical precision parts with ambitious shapes according to your drawings or samples made of high quality thermoplastics up to a weight of 1500g.

In order to offer the most recent standards of product development and processing technology, we are in permanent contact with renowned producers of raw material.

We process among others:
  • Polyurethane ( TPU )
  • Polyamide ( PA )
  • Polycarbonate ( PC )
  • Polyethylene ( PE )
  • Polyacetal ( POM )
  • Polypropylene ( PP )
  • Polystyrene ( PS )
  • Polyvinyl fluoride ( PVF )