Solid Vulkollan®

Vulkollan® fills the hardness gap between rubber-elastic materials and rigid plastics (i.e. Polyamide). The hardness can be tailored to between 65 Shore-A and 70 Shore-D.

Due to its excellent property profile, Vulkollan® is used in industrial applications with high material performance demands. Articles of different geometries, and weights from a few grams up to more than 100 kg can be produced economically as individual parts or in larger quantities.

Vulkollan® – a material which matches the requirements of modern constructural requirements.

Vulkollan® is a construction material tailor-made for almost all application requirements and a wide scope of structural possibilities and shapes. The design and construction capabilities of Vulkollan are outperforming other materials.

Based on solid Vulkollan® we manufacture

  • cutting bars
  • wash-up blades
  • squeegees
  • cam rings
  • profile bars
  • suction cups
  • ……