Cellular Vulkollan®

Cellular Vulkollan® is a water blown Polyurethane material which

is suitable for the highest dynamic applications.

In comparison to typical polyurethane foams, this material can be manufactured in high densities, between 300 to 650 kg/m3. Cellular Vulkollan® allows for about 80 % compression at low travers elongation with minimum permanent deformation.

Additional excellent properties of cellular Vulkollan® are:
  • high resilience
  • large volume compressability
  • High return force
  • good wear resistance even under continuous stress
  • aging- and weather resistance
  • resistance against mineral oil, grease, gasoline, ozone, nitrogen

You can find our manufacturing capabilities on our semi-finished goods page (Sheets and Blocks), or our download area (i.e. Pipe shapes).

Parts being manufactured based on cellular Vulkollan®

  • pressure bars
  • bumper
  • shock absorber
  • polishing discs
  • rolls
  • ……
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